Service Rules

Short Title and Commencement

  • It is important to regulate the recruitment and rules of service of all the employees in order to execute a clear and transparent process.
  • These rules shall be called as The Guidance Foundation Service Rules.
  • These Service Rules shall come into effect to employees from the date of their employment ( official joining date) and shall apply to all categories of employees i.e. Teaching and Non-teaching staff working in the school.
  • In the case of persons appointed on honoraria, or on a part-time basis, or on contract, the applicability of these rules shall be subject to such special terms and conditions as may be decided by the Management from time to time.
  • Service Rules are subject to alteration or revision if found necessary by the Management of the School. These rules shall form the part of the employment terms and conditions of all the employees.


  • Guidance Foundation (having address Talai, Raghunathganj, Murshidabad, 742235) means Unaided Private English Medium School run by Charitable Trust Guidance Foundation having its address 197 Park St. Kolkata – 700017
  • School – means the School run by the Management of Guidance Foundation (Trust).
  • Management – means the School Managing Committee.
  • Trust – means the Management of Guidance Foundation (Trust).
  • Establishment – means the establishment of the Schools run by the Trust.
  • Employer – means the Management of Guidance Foundation (School).
  • Employee – means any member of teaching or non-teaching staff including Head of School who are on the Muster Roll of the School. It includes employees of Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Sections.
  • Teaching Staff: Teachers means the trained Teachers who are having the professional certificate such as TTC, ECCE, Montessori, B.Ed., D.Ed., M.Ed., or any other relevant recognized qualifications and or teaching experience in relevant subjects for respective areas of teaching recognized by University, competent Board, recognized authorities. It will include Teachers teaching from Senior KG to class X. It will also include Physical Training Teachers, Music & Art Teachers, Sport coaches, Computer Teachers and Teachers associated with Extra Curricular Activities.
  • Non-Teaching Staff: Non- Teaching Staff means the employees who are not connected directly with teaching.
  • Head of School or Head – means the person by whatever name called In-charge of School and administrative duties and functions of the School and includes Principal.
  • Director / Chief Executive Officer – means Trustee Correspondent or Secretary General of Trust Guidance Foundation or a person by whatever name called who is empowered to take decision and having power to execute the decision taken by the Management.
  • CBSE – means Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Enquiry Officer – means an officer appointed by the Management to conduct Domestic enquiry.

Application of Rules

It will apply to all the employees i.e. Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs who are on the muster roll of the School. The Management Committee may make rules providing for minimum qualification for recruitment (including its procedure) duties, pay, allowance, other benefits, post retrenchment, conditions of service of the employees.

Every employee shall be governed by the Code of Conduct prescribed by the Management and any violation of any provision of such Code of Conduct concerned employees shall be liable for disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action against the employee shall be taken in accordance with the provision of these Rules.


The school managing committee governs and guides and decides broad policies related to school’s philosophy, programme and approach.

It is an officially constituted body approved by the Board of Trustees. It is formed on the guidelines of the CBSE.

The School Managing Committee consists of the following members.

  • Representatives nominated by the Board.
  • The Principal
  • Four Teachers Representative.
  • Two representatives from the staff.
  • Four parents of students in the school
  • Three educationists to be nominated by the Trust.

The School is having the following three sections

  • Pre-Primary :- Pre-Primary means Play Group, Junior & Senior KG section
  • Primary:- Primary means the section from Std. I to V.
  • Middle School:- Middle School means the section from Std. VI to VIII

Classification of Employees as per role

  • Teaching, Non-Teaching / Administrative, Service
  • Full time, part / half time as per requirement or domain they are attached to.
  • Visiting / Consultant/ Temporary category who are not on the school muster roll.

Permanent: means an employee whose employment has been confirmed by the school core committee/Trust and given in writing by the authorized on behalf of the school core committee.

Probationer: means an employee who is employed as probationer to fill up a vacancy but has not been confirmed in writing.

Temporary / Contractual: – means an employee who is appointed for a specified period purely on temporary basis

Visiting: means a faculty who visits for a fixed period of time during school hours to take specific number of classes for an honorarium.

Part-time: means an employee who is employed on part –time basis.

  • Each category has separate salary structure / fees / consolidated payment
  • Norms are mentioned for deciding the salary structure as per their qualifications.
  • Visiting faculty gets either consolidated amount per month or per session fees.
  • On confirmation, the candidate moves to new salary scale.
  • Appraisal: Appraisal will be conducted once a year. If a candidate performs below expected level, then he/she will be given a chance to improve and then a second Appraisal will be conducted.
  • Confirmation of the employee will be decided on fulfillment of requirements, the appraisal and subject to vacancy in the domain.

Qualification and Appointment

a. Qualification of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff: Staff qualification as per CBSE norms

b. Appointment

All appointments of all categories shall be made by selection committee(SC) constituted by the Trust and in accordance with and upon such conditions as the selection committee may decide.

Recruitment policy has been worked out in detail.

All the employees including Teaching and Non-teaching Staff will be given Letter of Appointment. Appointment letter shall be for a specific period, which may be mutually extended on the agreed terms and conditions.

All the appointments except for temporary and part time ( as per categories) employees will be on probation for a period of 6 months and which may be extended/confirmed at the sole discretion of the SC.

All the required documents such as:

  • Date of Birth, Address
  • Attested Degree / Diploma Certificates.
  • Work experience certificates or letters.
  • PAN , Voter ID, AADHAAR
  • Two copies of passport size color photograph

Have to be submitted to the school or in head office before the date of appointment. All the Original Certificates will be returned after verifications. If all the required documents are not submitted within the stipulated time, the services will be liable to be terminated without assigning any reason.

In case, the information/documents furnished are not genuine or found to be incorrect, employee may be liable to be terminated without assigning any reason.

Provisional / Adhoc Appointment:

  • If candidate joins without completing selection procedures (entrance test, demo lesson etc), or under observation for satisfactory delivery of services and competence, candidate is appointed on provisional / Adhoc basis for first six months.
  • If found satisfactory, employment is regularized after that said period.
  • For increment and confirmation, one or two years from the date of provisional appointment will be counted.
  • One month’s notice period for resignation required during provisional appointment.

Contractual Appointment:

Appointment made for the specific period / specific requirement is called as contractual appointment.

Contractual employee can be confirmed depending on performance and availability of vacancies

Contract is to be renewed after the tenure is over if found satisfactory at the discretion of the management.

Contractual employees are not eligible for the regular employees’ benefits and privileges.

All internal transfers / shift in position/ location/timing/profile will be officially communicated and necessary salary / allowance implication will be worked out as per salary/appointment guidelines.

Super Annuated Appointment:

Anyone joining at an age of 58 or so will be on consultant / visiting role. The individual can work till 60 yrs of age or further depending on the requirement of the organization and the individual’s competence and capabilities.

The role & compensation package and privileges depend on individual’ competence and organizational requirement.

Scale of Pay, Allowances, Benefits including Retrenchment Benefits of the Employees:

Scale of pay, allowances, annual increments and benefits including retrenchment benefits of the employees shall be recommended by the Trust and ratified by The School Managing committee from time-to-time and it will be as per State Govt. Rules

The eligible employees shall be entitled for:

Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme – As per Provident Fund Act.

Employees’ State Insurance – As per Govt. norms if applicable.

Salary Structure: The structure of salary is provided as per State Govt. norms

Annual increment: Annual increment will be based on performance of the employees and as per State Govt. norms

Special Privileges:

  • Fee consideration / waiver for their children: 50% concession applicable
  • Fee waiver for staff children will be given only if they are part time/ full time /contractual as per level definition during their employment period
  • This privilege is meant for up to two children only.

Free Transport or Traveling Allowance: Staff given free transport or traveling allowance for any outside assignment given to him/her.

Staff Training:

  • The employee will be required to update knowledge and skills every year by attending in-service and out bound programs.
  • These may be within or after school hours or on holidays.
  • Employee will be required to travel outside if required, to attend training programs when necessary.

Dress Code:

Formal office dress code is to be maintained for all Staff are compulsory.

Salary Advance/Loan: all staffs are eligible for salary advance (up to 1 month salary) after completing 1 year of continuous service. They are given the advance once in a years. The advance should be recovered within six months.

However in some special cases like higher studies of children or in case of medical ground a special funding/loan request may be accepted and supplied subject to approval from Board of Trustees of Guidance Foundation, Trust.

Work experience letter given to employees only if worked for a minimum period of one academic year.

Probation and Confirmation of Services


Except in case of a purely temporary vacancy or leave vacancy or for a specific post of temporary nature, every employee shall on initial appointment be on probation for a period of Six months from the date of his/her joining the duties. The period of probation may be extended by a further period of one year, based on the performance.

Services of an employee may be terminated during probation period or extended period of probation by giving 1 month’s notice for staff in writing.

If an employee desires to be relieved during the period of probation, it will be necessary for him/her to give two months’ notice in writing or two month’s salary unless and otherwise the Managing Committee permits relaxation under special circumstances.


If the work and conduct of an employee during the period of probation are found to be satisfactory, he/she will become eligible for confirmation on the expiry of period of probation or the extended period of probation as the case may be, with effect from the date of expiry of the said period, provided he/she fulfils the other requisite conditions.

Eligibility for confirmation

Who can be confirmed:

  • Full time regular employees (full time defined by the level demands)
  • Eligibility only if trained (for teaching staff)
  • Eligibility if has relevant experience for admin staff.

Leave of absence without pay may delay the confirmation.

The categories of Leave are as follows:-

1. Sick Leave (8 Days)         2. Casual Leave (12 Days)  3. Maternity Leave

Leave cannot be treated as a matter of right.

Procedure and entitlement of leaves will be as follows.

Leave will be calculated from May to April.

Grant of Leave shall depend on the exigencies of the institution and shall be at the discretion of the Head.

No leave will be granted during school evaluation days, major school events, orientation and training.

Leave of absence without intimating to the office/concerned authorities and/or prior approval may lead to salary deduction even if the employee has leave to his/her balance.

Teaching staff will be entitled for 12 days casual leave.

Visiting teachers are not eligible for any CL.

For all faculties, working extra days / hours due to workshop, concert practice, sports day practice, camps, retreats etc is part of their mandatory role. Hence this cannot be used as compensation

For all staff maximum up to two CL allowed at a stretch. Exceeding the 2 days will be considered as a loss of pay even in emergency.

Female employees will get maternity leave for 3 months with pay after confirmation. 3 months leave will have to be taken consecutively including holidays and vacations + 3 more month in continuation can be taken which will be without pay. This leave will be sanctioned for staff members who require it for natural / adoptive parenthood.

The above privilege is meant for up to two children only.

Male employees will get 10 days paternity leave with pay after confirmation.

Leave for exam before confirmation if minimum 7 days needed apply leave at least one month before exam (based on tentative dates). Or else apply leave norms.


Official working on school holidays (only if worked full day and authorized beforehand by the respective personnel) are counted for compensatory leave.

Compensatory leave preferably be taken within 2 months or else the leave lapses. Exceptional cases to be treated on case to case basis

Voluntary work on holidays is not eligible for compensatory off.

Vacation Pay

All the Teaching Staff will be entitled for Vacation Pay as per the guidelines issued by the Management.

Retirement Age

Retirement age for all the categories of employees including head of institution will be 58 years.

The managing committee may grant extension if the employee has no mental/physical disabilities and his or her services are beneficial to the institution.

The School Management shall have the right to retire an employee in case one is found physically or mentally disabled which renders him incapable to carry out his duties. However, such employee will be examined by the Medical Officer appointed by the Management and Management decision will be final and binding after perusal of the recommendation of Medical Officer.

Age of employee shall be determined on the basis of documentary evidence provided by the concerned employee. In case the records are inconclusive, the age of the employee shall be determined by the Medical Examination carried out by the Medical Officer appointed by the Management and the decision of the Management shall be final and binding.

Termination of Employment

Any Employee may be terminated from the services by the Management on the following grounds with or without notice period depending upon the case.

  • Closure of the School
  • Abolition or Reduction of Post
  • Reduction in Manpower
  • Physical and Mental disability to carry out the normal duties.
  • Closure of course studies
  • Fall in number of Pupils resulting in reduction of establishment.
  • Reduction in number of class divisions due to reduction of number of students and division
  • Misappropriation of school funds / accounts / violation of other kind / intellectual property violation and other major incident which is not acceptable as may be decided by management and law
  • If any information or documents furnished are found to be incorrect or not genuine, employee will be liable to be terminated.
  • On misconduct of Employee – Termination will be done after holding domestic enquiry and on the basis of report of the Enquiry Officer.
  • On violation of code of conduct, termination will be done after holding domestic enquiry and on the basis of report of the Enquiry Officer.

The full and final settlement will be made within 7 days from the date of termination letter after adjusting any amount due from the concerned employee.


If an employee, at any time after confirmation, intends to resign, he/she shall give 2 months’ notice in writing or 2 month’s salary including all allowances to the Institution. For provational employees one months’ notice period is required.

Notice period is applicable only for working months (1 mth or 3 mths).

Vacation cannot be included.

This is applicable even for confirmed employees.

Leave balance of all kinds cannot be counted for resignation period.

Leave during notice period will be without pay. Notice period cannot be extended to suit the candidate’s requirement.

Leave policy and resignation: any employee during the separation period would have to give the services for 3mths or 1mth tenure. Whereas if a leave is taken in this resignation period those many days add to the resignation period or the employee pays the dues for the extra whichever is applicable.

Staff Re-Joining Policy:

  • If any particular staff resigns for personal reason and rejoins school, the following is the policy:
  • Staff worked at any level for one or more years, rejoins same level, six month’s probation.
  • Management reserves the right to consider exceptional cases.
  • Recruitment/Filling of Vacancy and to Higher Grades


An employee shall be liable to be transferred from one section to another or from one School to the other school of Trust, anywhere in West Bengal and shall also be liable to be transferred from one job to another similar job provided his emoluments are not adversely affected. The terms and conditions of service as applicable at the place of posting shall automatically become applicable to the employee. The employee shall not be entitled to claim any extra remuneration or any other benefit whatsoever on such transfer.

Maintenance of Records

School shall maintain proper records for all Teaching and Non-Teaching staff. School shall also maintain the Leave Records, etc. of all the staffs.

Working Days and Working Hours

Working days and holidays will be as per calendar as per group norms of the Trust Guidance Foundation

The working hours / days will be such as may be specified from time to time by the School however it would not exceed and/or violate the standard guideline of any State or Central Govt. rules.

The working hours may be different for Teaching and Non-teaching staff as may be specified by the school.

Holidays and Vacations

It shall be decided by the SC and shall be notified from time to time.

a.Teaching Staff:

There will be three vacations; Diwali, Christmas and Summer and the same will be declared by the Principal at the beginning of the vacation.

Principal may call any teaching staff during the vacation for some work.

b. Non-Teaching Staff:

There will be no fixed vacation for the non-teaching staff which includes Computer Teachers and Librarian however they are entitled to get rotational short leave depending upon the workload and/or requirement.

Attendance of Employees

Every employee is expected to reach the school punctually and display the I-D card / use bio metrics at the attendance machine on arrival and also at the time of departure.

Late coming beyond 8.35 a.m. more than three times in a month will invite cut in half day leave/salary as per norms.

An employee who has not flashed at the attendance machine and/or signs the attendance register as may be applicable as mentioned above is liable to be considered as absent from duty for that date(s). Failure will lead to leave / Deduction from Salary.

1. Absence from the Place of Work

If any employee is found to be absent during the working hour without prior permission and proper reason, shall be liable to be absent without leave for the period of absence. Such employee shall also be liable to disciplinary action.

2. School Occasions

All the Teaching Staff shall remain present on the open day and other activities such as Sports, Annual Functions, Examination, etc. except under the exceptional circumstances wherein prior permission has been taken from the Principal.

It is compulsory for all the teaching and non-teaching staff to attend whenever assigned the outside duty, such as Picnic, Campaign, Seminars, Extra Curricular Activities, Competition, Sports, etc. and refusal to attend the same shall amount to misconduct of disobedience of the instruction and shall be liable for disciplinary action.

Private and other Tuitions

No staff member shall undertake tuition of Students of Guidance Foundation. Group tuitions in the school shall not be allowed. Teacher may conduct remedial class or coaching without any financial benefits from parents